Warhel :: Shaandaar debacle made Shahid Kapoor quit AK vs SK

Shaandaar debacle made Shahid Kapoor quit AK vs SK

Updated on: 03-Nov-2015
Shahid Kapoor is fuming at Shaandaar in general and himself in particular. He was not really too enthused about the movie since the beginning or so we have heard.

Yet he went on and did the movie which tanked badly. The movie was supposed to bring in starry outcome but all gloss and no substance mired its fate completely. Shaandaar debacle made Shahid Kapoor quit AK vs SK

This has left Shahid Kapoor really unhappy and with a resolve that now he will choose his movie much more carefully. Apparently, one of the mandate that he will follow now is no more risky movie and so, the first project to feel the heat of the same is AK vs SK.

We hear the actor has quit the movie.

A popular glossy reported that Shahid allegedly was in two minds about AK vs SK from the start but Madhu Mantena managed to change his mind. But after Shaandaar flop show, he is taking each step with much caution. He does not want to do risky movie at all. He called up Madhu and reasoned that there is not much for him to do in the movie anyway and so, he would rather not do it.

Naturally, Madhu was zapped and immediately held a meeting with Shahid to convince him. But the actor had firmly made up his mind against it. He chose a vacation with his wife over the movie for which he even shot for a day.

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