Warhel :: Salman Khan is a WORRIED man

Salman Khan is a WORRIED man

Updated on: 02-Nov-2015
Salman is a mass hero. salman knows how to play to the gallery. salman knows what his fans want and salman knows how to deliver it to them. Naturally, with his movies earning enormously we tend to believe that this man is really happy. He has the love of fans, movie that he wants to do, a doting and lovable family and good money to live a happy life. But that a myth. Yes, you read right Behind that man who cracks jokes and cracks up at others jokes, there is a worried soul who is constantly thinking about what will happen next.

Salman is worried about the various court cases on him that are pending. Salman Khan is a WORRIED man

Talking to the media, Salman Khan reveals, Of course, I am worried about the verdicts. They are giving five years mila lo to 10 to 15 saal ho jate hain sum it up and it will be 10 to 15 years. That a big worry now for me and my parents. The case is not even in Magistrate court but High Court. And amidst all that, to do comedy or Bigg Boss to always know that there is a sword dangling over my head, it is really disturbing. The beauty of my job is no matter how well I do it they call me insensitive.

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