Warhel :: SRK to revisit Baazigar with Fan

SRK to revisit Baazigar with Fan

Updated on: 06-Nov-2015
SRK Gaurav Chandana avatar is now out there. The theatrical trailer will be unveiled only in Jan, which introduces the character of superstar Aryan Khanna.

SRK to revisit Baazigar with Fan

Although we now know that SRK playing Aryan and not himself in the film, some montage shots from the teaser do feature some of the iconic scenes from his movies or shots from few of his tell all interviews. But there more than meets the eye.

Reveals SRK, There are dialogues from my previous movie which we have revisited in this movie. We have reshot all the clips again as Aryan Khanna. Maneesh ne phir se woh recreate kiya hai.What are the dialogues Without revealing too much, SRK does give out one which they have recreated in Fan. There one from Baazigar, the one where I say, 15 saal se jo khoon mere ma ke ankhon mein aansu banke behta raha. But we have not taken Baazigar clips and simply reshot them. So the dialogues are still the same. I have only said it once again in this movie.

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