Warhel :: Anushka Sharma Is Not ready to get hitched to Virat Kohli

Anushka Sharma Is Not ready to get hitched to Virat Kohli

Updated on: 28-Oct-2015 Views: 85 Views
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma impending marriage. The couple never confirmed any such news but there have been several reports stating the two are planning to settle down soon. However, looks like the day is not going to arrive anytime soon as Anushka sharma spokesperson just issued an official statement saying, There is no truth to the stories and rumours about Anushka impending wedding. Currently,Anushka is busy and happy with her work commitments. Anushka has always been open about her life and would appreciate it and request everyone to wait for her to make announcements about her life instead of speculating.

However, sources close to the couple still choose to contradict the above story. The sweethearts were spotted at a suburban restaurant last weekend with Anushka father in tow. In fact, even Virat kohli family had made a surprise visit to Anushka sharma apartment, earlier last year. Speaking of which, sources reveal, Virat kohli has been frequently meeting Anushka family, which indicates that the couple is serious about taking the relationship to the next level. He gets along well with her father. Anushka and Virat have been open about their relationship because they are sure about taking it to the marriage altar. Their families will meet soon and decide the wedding date. In all likelihood, they will get hitched early next year.Anushka Sharma Is Not ready to get hitched to Virat Kohli

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