Warhel :: Akshay Kumar Approves Wife Twinkle Khanna

Akshay Kumar Approves Wife Twinkle Khanna

Updated on: 08-Aug-2015
Akshay Kumar never read a book from his school days. He remembers reading, from scripts of course, is his school books Balbharti. But Akshay kumar will read his wife Twinkle Khanna as soon as possible to release book titled Mrs Funnybones, and Akshay kumar is the first one to read all her newspaper columns.

Akshay Kumar Approves Wife Twinkle Khanna

His wife Twinkle Khanna is known to write some very opinionated and hilarious newspaper columns as Mrs Funnybones, and while we thought her writing was no holds barred, hubby He has confessed that everything she writes goes through him first and He explains that he does not do it because akshay kumar is a control freak, but just so that her candid and straight forward comments do not get her into trouble.

She comments on various things from politics to religion and she does not mince her words.

I would still call things grey, but Twinkle Khanna is an absolutely black and white person.

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